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2 A game which utilizes motifs.
6 A game where you have a Personal and National Agenda.
8 The First PDQ game published by ASMP.
13 Levi Kornelson's meme-based game.
16 Ryan Macklin's game about amnesiacs.
17 The game that inspired Moose in the City.
20 Character creation involves guest starring in novels.
21 A game with non-randomized Lifepaths.
22 A challenge game that requires a physical salute in.
23 The game of "bite-sized horror".
24 A game of two suitors fighting for a romantic interest.
25 The game of psychic schoolgirls.
26 The game where everyone is someone else's Mistake.
27 A game about fairy tales.
1 A creative-commons game which utilizes Keys.
2 A game where you fight to balance Pain, Hope and Cash.
3 Utilizes underground Polish radio announcements.
4 A game which involves secret Dark Fates.
5 A GM-less game where you can spend Debt.
7 You play toys that protect a child.
9 The game about criminal passions in a Victorian dystopia.
10 A game where your heart rate matters.
11 Uses Jenga resolution.
12 A game where madness pushes you to Fight or Flight.
14 Utilizes a "theme document".
15 The game where big stuff gets a d8.
18 A generic, scene-based roleplaying game which uses "setting plug-ins".
19 There's an Infection Phase.

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